February 2, 2012

Lacroix (Part III)

Still haven't finished all of the posts from Southeast Asia (as there is an entire folder of Thai Cooking class pictures to go through and edit) so here is a quick little post on Lacroix for Restaurant Week. Came here last spring (forgot a camera) and last semester (poor dinner lighting) but this time I managed to snap some quick shots before digging in.

Apps: Mixed Greens & Caesar Salad
Main: Lamb BLY & Fish and Chips
Dessert: Dessert Trio
Apps were delish, mains were somewhat underwhelming but the desserts (as always in the case of restaurant week) were amazing.  Also hit up Amada for dinner which I discovered is infinitely better than its lunch offerings but the lighting for that rendered the pictures almost completely black. Oh well...maybe some editing will salvage them.

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