February 22, 2012

Bake Shop

BAKE SHOP, Praha 1. Check out the adorable website. 
+ Cupcakes of every selection
+ Super chunky chocolate chip cookies
+ Adorable sugar cubes on each table
+ Fruity jam in a jar
A French bake shop in the Jewish Quarter of Prague. What charming place filled with AMAZING baked goods. Most known for their brownies and cookies, we actually opted mostly for a selection of croissants and quiches. I will certainly be returning often to sample those macarons and cupcakes.

+ Chocolate Croissant
+ Almond Croissant
+ Buttery Croissant
Guess who picked the chocolate croissant? SO AMAZINGLY GOOD. 
Ironically, I actually came here twice in one day. The first with one flatmate, the second with the rest of my flatmates. After hearing us rave about the food, the rest of my flatmates demanded to go. So I actually did get a chance to try the cookies but I still though the croissant was better ;)

BUDAPEST TOMORROW! Nice and early bus at 7:00am. Joy.

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