February 20, 2012

Brambory + Prague Market

Journeyed to Prague 7 after class today to check out the Prague Market. Supposedly, it houses the largest vegetable market in Prague along with a plethora of shady looking street vendors and trinket shops. And one legit Italian place. We opted for the shady street vendor.

Not many of the street places were open today. Perhaps because it was a weekday or because it is winter time. 
Not realizing these potato pancakes would be the size of our face, we ordered three of them. OOPS. Boy were they delicious. Every fried morsel. By that I mean half of of the massive potato pancake. It was like an epic glorified hashbrown super fried and seasoned to perfection. 
We also did manage to find the vegetable market and tried some fresh made gouda, aspic and then bought some mushrooms. Success.

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