February 19, 2012

Cesky Krumlov

Just got back from a weekend trip at Cesky Krumlov. What an adorable and beautiful town. Not all that much to do but makes for a great day (and a half) trip. We went on a tour of the town castle which is over 250 years old with wall frescoes preserved perfectly as well as a tour of the town itself. Dating back to pre-Hapsburg rule, the town is over 800 years old and was a part of the Sudentanland during World War II. There was actually a picture of Hitler talking in the main town square we saw hanging up in the hall of the 5 star hotel. The food in this town was also surprisingly tasty.  Especially this little Creperie called none other than Creperie.

The description of this crepe in the menu made it too hard to resist despite my initial plan to just order a sweet crepe. Unfortunately, the savory crepe couldn't hold up to the deliciousness of the nutella filled ones. 
The cottage cheese one was my selection. I figured since I can make a nutella crepe any time, I might as well branch out. It actually turned out to be my least favorite one of the four. Bummer. Now I know to stick with chocolate!

The basic nutella crepe is still irresistible. 

There were a few chocolate shops we passed by as well as a cute coffee stand where the coffee was served steaming hot in plastic brown cups. Having never tried marzipan, I decided to give it a go only to discover I really don't like marzipan. At least not as the filling of a chocolate, perhaps it could be good in a cake...or something.

For lunch, we dined at the Eggenberg brewery - a 500 year old establishment that is still brewing its signature beer in both the light and dark version. Lunch was your typical Czech combination of fried cheese, goulash, sausage and I decided to throw in some red cabbage in an attempt to get some vegetables. 

In our meandering, we also stumbled upon the Egon Schiele Art Centrum which features various art exhibits throughout the year. We were lucky enough to get a chance to see one on Egon Schiele himself, an Expressionist artist from the early 1900s who was actually from Cesky Krumlov.

And a shot of this idyllic town! 

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  1. Wow those crepes do look amazing! I don't blame you for getting a savory as well :) Such a charming city!