August 1, 2010

Is there Taro in that Tiramisu?

This blog is called Tea and Taro so why is there that irresistible looking picture of tiramisu the moment you stumble upon the front page? Well  I've decided to take up a challenge testing the culinary prowess of Philadelphia. Each month (or however long it takes to complete the challenge/how accommodating my purse is at the time), I shall pick one of my favorite dishes and try the best that Philadelphia has to offer. First up on the list: my favorite dessert of all time.

So where did the inspiration for this idea come from? Where else but the food network (and my insatiable sweet tooth). On a recent episode of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate", Chef Robert Irvine fanatically appraised the Italian/Mexican infused Tiramisu a La Mexicana at the Mexican BYO Lolita. Naturally, I am now dying to try this dish. And that got me thinking. Is this really the best tiramisu in all of Philadelphia??

Well, we shall have to wait and see.

Recommendations and suggestions for other tiramisu hotspots are welcome (and needed)!

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