August 27, 2010

a not-so-old memory

Of course as soon as I promise to cook more, what do I have but another restaurant update. Except this one is slightly different. I mentioned this place in my last post about Raw citing that there was a restaurant near my home that has THE best sushi I have ever had, even better than anything I've had in Philly.

Welcome to Bonjung.

This was the place where I fell in love with sushi, where I learned everything I know about Japanese/Korean cuisine, and where I spent the second half of high school working. I was making a quick detour home tonight and realized this would be the last time I could eat at one of my favorite restaurants for a very long time. And who can resist sushi?

Naturally, we ordered all of my favorite rolls :D

last samurai: soft shell crab tempura, cucumber, spicy crunchy mix inside & outside, topped w/ tobiko, scallion & chili sauce

mudslide: tuna & avocado, topped w/ spicy crunchy miso sauce, scallion, & chili sauce

incredible: shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber, topped w/ seared tuna, white tuna, avocado w/ special sauce, tobiko, & scallion

volcano: shrimp tempura, topped w/ avocado, spicy seafood topping, scallion, eel sauce, & chili sauce

Last Samurai = BEST ROLL EVER

And then there was dessert...

I can NEVER resist tiramisu
Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
After we devoured these 2 babies, the kitchen sent out this complimentary dessert:

I'm not the biggest fan of fried ice cream except this was green tea ice cream.
Needless to say we were all stuffed after dinner. In fact, it is 4 hours later and I am still full...probably not the best idea when we are all going to the beach tomorrow :p

Hopefully I'll get some shots of boardwalk eats on our 3 day trip to the beach!

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