August 22, 2010

Firsts and Lasts

My Canon Rebel xsi came in on Friday! Naturally, I couldn't wait to start snapping pictures and fiddling around with the manual setting. Here are the scenes from the weekend:

last cooked meal at home (and first food shot with the new camera)

Inspired by the brunch I had at Distrito a few weeks back, I made this for my last breakfast at home. Toasted flatbread smeared with refried beans, scrambled eggs with cilantro, fresh tomatoes, sauteed salmon and a crackle of fresh black pepper. I know some people can't stand cilantro but I absolutely love it. My mom put it in practically every dish so naturally, I do too :)

Finally tried Taro Bubble Tea! About time so it is what my blog is named after...Got this one from Koreana. The taste is slightly creamy/milky with a naturally sweet flavor. The bubbles had a great consistency AND I got a a boba tea rewards card. 5 bubbles teas = 1 free one! I shall be frequenting this newly renovated eatery often this semester :)

Kim Bap. Typical but tasty nonetheless.

This baby was SO DELICIOUS. It's not even on the menu. You have to specially request it, I think its "7D"? Basically its spicy chicken with carrots/scallions on a bed of rice, fried egg on top all served in a steaming hot pot. I requested for mine to be EXTRA spicy and surprisingly enough, it actually was! Its so big its enough for two meals :)

Random frolicking on campus :p
That's me on the right with two of my pledge sisters who I saw for the first time this summer!

Helloooo Penn!
(Almost) ready for a new semester :)


  1. Cilantro...bleh. First pic is nice.

  2. yay hahah!! you tilted the taro bubble tea!

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  5. love it! you are gonna be an expert with that camera soon!