August 2, 2010


After a failed attempt to check out the brunch at Tap House (apparently there's no brunch Saturdays??), our  very hungry stomaches settled for Distrito which was only 1 block away and much closer than the intended Cooperage (6th and walnut). The mash of hot pink and bright blue patterns inside this pseudo Mexican restaurant never fails to put me in a cheery mood. Wanting to gossip more than have a fancy meal, I settled on a somewhat plain but nevertheless, yummy option.

Torta de Huevos - "Over easy egg, Queso Oaxaca, Benton’s Bacon, Avocado, Tomato, Refried Beans, Crema"

This is what my friend ordered - definitely classier but unfortunately, not filling enough for a brunch.
Revueltos - "Shirred egg, goat cheese, chive, smoked salmon, dill cream, caviar toast"

Maybe its just because I'm a Food Network fanatic or maybe its becaues I really really don't like Pod and will forever be biased towards Mr. SS, but in my mind Jose Garces is still the better chef when it comes to the "sceney" restaurants of the city. Of course, my somewhat still hungry friend disagreed. Ok so maybe, our dinner at Continental was somewhat better but I don't think its fair to compare apples to oranges.

I'm thinking another showdown between these two food stars is needed to cast a better judgment. Suggestions for the next restaurant pairing?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. yum, your sandwich sounds delicious!

    man there are a handful of garces places i never got to try! will have to check it out when i return to philly.

  2. Most definitely! Lets go eat somewhere and blog about it together :)