March 30, 2013

China Part I: Homecooking

Meal spreads paired with "bai jiu"

Usually when we go to China, its filled with lots of eating out where I wind up stuffing myself silly. This time around however, most of the eating was done at home (where I still wound up stuffing myself silly). My na-na whom I guess would technically be my great aunt in law (or something like that) cooked us the most scrumptious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. I only managed to capture 1/4 of all the food she made us since the rest of the time I was too excited to eat. Added to that are my aunt and grandma and grandpa who are also amazing cooks (most be a family trait). Life back in the states these days has appeared quite sad compared to all of the great food I got to eat for the past 2 weeks :(

Welcome Lunch

Fried fish, thousand year old eggs, fish meatballs, pressure cooked chicken, pork belly, spring veggies, potato salad