September 9, 2010

New Eats from the RTM

Who can not blog about Reading Terminal Market when they are in Philadelphia? Its only the most iconic food eater/picture taker/photographer's dream. I literally walked around with the camera pressed to my face the entire time while my girlfriends stared on waiting (im)patiently as I continually adjusted each picture's exposure until I good get a semi-decent shot.

Here are the random eats of the day!

I'm such a sucker for good sandwiches

The Flying Monkey features some of the best cupcakes that Philadelphia has to offer. Check out their adorable site :)
Caught some vanilla babies fresh out of the oven
Frangelico is a hazelnut flavor liqueur so naturally with Nutella still on my mind, I had to try this one.
Never saw this combo before. Sure looks tasty!
The reason I went to Reading Terminal was actually to pick up some yummy gifts for my dad's birthday. 
Got the creme brulee and chocolate Frangelico cupcakes
Picked up "6 Bean Espresso" beans from this coffee shop. Apparently the mix is a patented blend which will make the perfect cup of Espresso. Still haven't heard the verdict on this one yet.
Biscottis to go with the espresso :)
This place literally had the best and biggest chocolate chip cookies I've ever tasted.
Here's what they were working on when I strolled by. I'm assuming they're chocolate turtles or just chocolate chip cookies covered in more chocolate. Either way, you can't go wrong.
Next to Franklin Fountain, Basseet Ice Cream is probably the most famous (and oldest) ice cream place in Philadelphia.
Now that's my kind of aspirin.
Unfortunately, since we went on a weekday, some of the shops were closed including this chocolate place. My friend also recommended the creperie which I must have missed.


  1. ahh you're really making me miss philly! love the RTM

  2. i loveee reading terminal market!! went there a few weeks ago and got a giant fish. haha

  3. One of my favorite places in the world! Love Bassett Ice Cream and I remember Profi Creperie serving some delicious crepes. Hope it's still there!