September 9, 2010

Suga Suga Suga Philly

I've been meaning to make a post about Sugar Philly, the dessert foodtruck by 38th and Walnut Street, for awhile but right when I was about to: the owners went on vacation, I got caught up in early move-in and before I knew it, the pictures have been sitting in my computer for weeks all ready to go. Gotta thank my friend Jess for taking me to this place although apparently the owners know practically everyone in my sorority :)

Are you ready for this? Because these are some dang good eats.

What they're most known for are their delectable macarons. Did you know that if it is spelled with one "o", it is the European version and if it is spelled with two "o", it refers to the American coconut version? Huh.

Pictured: Chocolate Ganache (Red), Milk and Honey (Gold), & Mango (Orange).
They even package it with these cute little stickers :)

This is my absolute favorite: Cheesecake with blueberry sauce and graham cracker crumble. There's no actual crust so you don't have to deal with the overly buttery and dense crust of most cheesecakes.

Also tried creme brulee for the first time and guess what? I am now a fan.
Ok yea its a lot of dessert. Totally worth it ;)
Washed it down with some tea from ABP