September 28, 2011

The Rainbow after the Rain

Heirloom tomatoes + Basil + Mozzarella 

Sporadically rainy weather this week. I managed to dig these pictures out of my camera last week. I think I took these that night the big hurricane ravaged the East Coast not that we noticed since we were too busy munching away. Smitten Kitchen always has these beautiful shots of uber colorful vegetables so here's my rendition of that. 

I've always been obsessed with those  little pickled vegetables you get at Vietnamese restaurants. Awhile back, one of my foodie friends told me that you can make them yourself and it doesn't take 1039849384 days to marinate. A year later, I finally got around to making them myself :)

September 2, 2011

Au Revoir Canada, Hello Penn

One more day until I head back to Penn. I still refuse to believe that it is September already as I have been insulated in the bubble that is suburbia Pennsylvania for the past 2 weeks. Outside of reading, sleeping and eating - I haven't been doing too much else. Its also hard to do much else when you are waking up at 3:00pm everyday. ha. My justfication to my dad was that I was building up my sleep bank.

Water Chiller, Bread&Butter, Escargot.
Our final dinner in Montreal. It was about time that we had an authentic French meal. So authentic in fact that everything on the menu was in French with no English translation. We managed to fumble our way through the menu an settled on some delicious albeit safe options.

Chicken stuffed with bacon and brie cheese with fresh vegetables.There is of course a more official and French sounding name for this but I have no idea what it is.

Coq au vin (actually translates into rooster in wine...huh, how did that not dawn on me?
I was so so in the mood to order some froi gras but my dining companion was in mood to eat liver. Alas I missed out on my chance to redeem froi gras - the first time I had froi gras dish, I was 12 and thought I had ordered something akin to fried duck - imagine my dismay when the dish turned up to me mushy goo with a side of caramelized apples. Fortunately, my palette has developed somewhat since then.

[A rather large serving of] creme brulee which of course we finished.