December 15, 2010


Ok so I might have lied.  Thanksgiving was not the most gluttonous post of the year. This one definitely beats it. 

What is a "chao-llenge" you ask? Well I'm not really sure myself, but my pledge sister's witty date came up with it and I do know that it has something to do with eating a lot of meat.
Our sorority's winter formal was held at Fogo de Chao this year, one of several Brazilian steakhouse buffets in Philly or as Fogo likes to call it, a "Churrascaria". Not sure if that's actually a real Spanish word but then again my Spanish classes in high weren't all that helpful.

Naturally, all of our dates were very pleased with the restaurant selection but surprisingly (or not so surprisingly), so were we,  My attempt to go on fast before dinner so I could get my fill of the eleven different cuts of meat didn't really work out since I remembered after we got to the restaurant that fasting actually shrinks the size of your stomach. Oops.

The massive salad bar which includes asparagus the size of your face and a Parmesan wheel bigger than the size of your face was a nice complement to all of that protein. I might want to go back just for that salad bar.  Except the meat was good. Really good.

Above: plantains, fried polenta and the most delicious cheesy bread I have ever had in my life.
Lamb chops, top sirloin, ribs and rib eye
These ribs might have been my favorite of the night.
Definitely lost track of all of the meat I was eating, but I do remember the ribs and the top sirloin. The top sirloin might give my dad's steak a run for his money. (do you hear this dad?) speaking of which, I am definitely eating some steak when I go home for break....You'd think after all that food, I would be stuffed but no! There is always room for dessert :)

Dessert was also surprisingly good (ok the flan was a little off), but the key lime pie was spot on. Not a dessert I would normally pick, but that's what the server recommended and I'm glad I listened. Any other night, I would have definitely gone cheesecake but after the massive meal, I figured it wouldn't hurt to get in some fruit (well technically a lime is a fruit).

Don't know how I feel about this new format of collaging of the pictures although I was getting bored with the way I was posting so I decided it was time to mix things up and change the layout a little. For some reason, blogger keeps distorting the picture sizes so I can't get them all to be consistent. Will have to figure that out in the near future.

Wow. Ok that was one massive study break. Back to studying for finance.

Took this one on a slightly different setting so the color/lighting doesn't match the other pictures, but I figured I would include it since it was my favorite shot of the night.

And this one.Don't know why I didn't think to include the flower in the earlier shots. harumph. 
Made some noodles today for lunch and baked goods last night for the debate study break so keep an eye out for the next post. 

Happy final-ing.

And one last shot of my beautiful pledge sisters <3


  1. ahhhh wish i could have been there! :P
    yumyumyum. now i am jonesin' for steak.

  2. Literally my dream restaurant...

    Also, parli study break!