January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

New Year's Eve Celebrations 

Can anyone believe it is 2014 already? I always say the year flies by but this past year sure felt that way. Although it was kind of cheating year with me getting to travel all over (Italy, Greece, Mediterranean) and spending half of the year cooking, blogging, yogaing and basically chilling. Then again, the other half of the year was spent working long hours with absolutely no time for cooking, blogging or yogaing. However, New Years is always exciting as your filled with the unknown prospect of what the upcoming year will bring.

Despite the plethora of party options in New York, we opted to stay in this year with a few friends and lots of champagne.

Started the night with a few delicious cocktails at Brass on Lexington.
And headed home to make more drinks for our guests!
New Years Day Explorations

Despite it being a holiday, the newly constructed Gotham West Market on 11th ave and 44th street was open for business. We braved the cold and ventured to this foodie market. The indoor space is BEAUTIFUL with wrought iron decorations, bar style seating for each of the restaurants along with communal seating on large wooden picnic tables. Despite the industrialist theme, the area still felt cozy and would be great place to spend an afternoon reading and munching

Tapas at El Comodo
Spicy Lamb Meatballs
Grilled Octopus

 Cute little tapas restaurant which only offers bar seating. The spicy lamb meatballs were out of this world although the octopus was only so-so. They also offer $1 oysters during happy hour and these oysters are amazing covered in a light vinegar and garlic mixture

Ivan Ramen and Blue Bottle Coffee
Garlic Ramen from Ivan Ramen
Ginger Molasses cookie from Blue Bottle
Drip coffee from Blue Bottle
Not a shocker that another ramen joint has opened up in NYC with lots of fan fare and is already quickly developing a cult following. Ivan Ramen was started by an American in Tokyo and was so popular there that he decided to export his creation to the states. The portions are bit lacking but the broth is more a sauce, thick and flavorful, which coats each noodle so you get that porky broth goodness with each bite

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