December 23, 2010

Friends and Frenchiness

Remember a few posts back when I had that divine French toast from RX (which you can relive here)? Well 2 days ago when I was cramming for my Marketing final, the smell of fresh baked bread wafted down into the kitchen from the basement. An hour later, my dad shows up with one small piece of bread that he gives me to try. I’m thinking “yum, the usual French bread” but no! I was wrong. It was not just any typical bread that smelled like French bread. It was egg bread and egg bread apparently, is very good for making French toast. So what did I think next? Cereal crusted French toast, here I come. (but first, I had to go buy cereal because that’s one of those things that never caught on with my family.) Soooo with the cereal purchased, I was ready to make me some toast.  [cue exciting music] 

So I looked up a quick recipe and honestly its literally just regular french toast tipped into cereal (here I though there was some magical concoction going on in secrecy...) Best part about all of it was I got to make it with my gfs from high school which always makes cooking so much more fun =]
Some big slices of bread. I think next time I'll tone it down a little.

Raisin bran courtesy of Nature's Promise.
1/2 loaf of of egg bread (honestly it tastes like brioche)
3 eggs
1/2 cup of milk/cream (I used half & half)
1-2 cups of crushed raisin bran 
cinnamon and vanilla for seasoning 

Dunked the bread into the egg mixture and then the cereal

As if the french toast wasn't enough, I found some frozen fruit in the freezer which meant we had to make smoothies. Except we had no juice. So we used soy milk and greek yogurt. Check it out.

Dole frozen fruit mix is quite handy.

and yes it was deliciouss.

ok ok I know it looks a little burnt, but in my defense, I like things extra crispy.
At least I'm fulfilling my promise of cooking more over break. And can you believe it, I already have another post waiting to be written?

Next time: desserts galore: chocolate truffles, cookies and a french cake who's name I do not know.