December 21, 2010

some favorite things

Cheesy but cute.
Finally done with finals and the semester!  For some reason, this semester felt distinctly different than last semester but then again, my objectives for this semester were also very different. Can I say I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of Penn? Probably not, since I’m sure there are probably many more curve balls down the road. 

A little self indulgence. [ok I didn't actually get this as I think sprinkles are incredibly gross but I appreciate the numerous toppings all mixed together]

A quick moment of reflection on the lessons (I think) I learned from this semester
  •  hardwork still ultimately pays off and all that sentimental cliche stuff life believing in yourself actually matters
  • setting off the fire alarm in the kitchen can happen quite frequently (and putting a plastic bag over the smoke detector is both illegal and ineffective)
  • true friendships take a hella lot of work but they are also very worth it
  • cheap rings from h&m turn your fingers really really really green
  • low fat honey mustard dressing from salad works is insanely gross
  • not every person you meet is going to like you and that is OK
  • when you try and dye your hair - 20 minutes just isn't going to cut it
  • every person you meet is amazing in his or her own way
  • Korean fruit tea is insanely good
  • some things in life just don't work out, but that's ok too :)
Now for the food related part: a quick conglomeration of some snackies and munchies from the past few weeks. 

 From the beach trip before the start of the semester with my wonderful pledge sisters. Favorite beach eat is still Kohrs ice cream (in a large).
From MARR and a great memory of the summer. Lychee bubble tea has definitely become the bubble tea of choice (and ten ren makes one good bubble tea).

From the Parli study break (as a new member of the board!). A quick baking session with M. Cinnamon buns and blueberry muffins.

From brunch with an amazing friend and debate partner at the best brunch place on campus (RX). Please go try this now. I have never been so excited about eggs, potato and toast.

From cramming for the Finance final (at least I’m fairly confident that I picked the right career choice thus far). Some noodle soup made with Korean chili powder and bok choy. I don't know how I would survive without those noodles.
Very, very excited for these few days of break. So many recipes to try and so many cooking dates with friends who I have not seen for far too long!

Coming up next: a french toast recipe and a few shots of the Perky trail.

wishing everyone a safe trip home!


  1. ...I was under the impression the rest of us would be making an appearance given the pictures you took.

  2. mmm sugar overload!! haha i miss softserve ice cream.

    those noodles look splendid.

    congrats on finishing the semester! now you can relaxxxx. :)

  3. when you're a hardcore i-banker, i still expect late night noodles from you. :D <333