December 30, 2010

Sabrina's (again)

Man I must be on some sort of brunch obsession right now (the 3rd post out of 5 to be about brunch?) Seriously, I promise to mix it up after this. But then again, is there anyone who doesn't like brunch?

After a night of much discussion and card playing with some old Parli alums, (all of whom I was lucky enough to finally meet!)  I woke up craving the bacony/egg combo (yet again). My friend having never visited the Philadelphia must of Sabrina's decided that that would be the place we would go. Conveniently enough, I also had my car so we hauled ourselves out of bed over to the original Sabrina's location on 9th and Christian (which I must say is so much more well decorated than the other location on 18th and Callowhill, the place that I visited the fist time). All of the brunch specials were adorably named for the winter holiday season and they were absolutely delicious (so delicious that it might be even better than Rx).

Unfortunately, these pictures came out rather out of focus (i blame my hunger and impatience to eat), but it is probably  because I still need  more practice with my new single focus lens. Luckily, the food looked so good that I don't think its too much of an issue :)

So the brunch specials we had aren't up on the website and I can't remember the festive names of all of them but I do remember that this one had cranberries, gingerbread cookie topping, ricotta cheese, a bunch of nutmeg...needless to say it was GOOD.

Originally, my friend wanted to order a burger (I know, crazy), and then the table behind us ordered this. He took one look at it, looked at the waiter and said "I want that".  Dunno what it was called but it was some sort of chicken cutlet sandwich and it came with paremsan fries (yum).

Ok this one is super out of focus (sorry!). Egg white frittata with turkey bacon.

And this one was mine! Egg sandwich with turkey bacon, arugula, red onions, mozzarella cheese and tomato mayo. And I am not ashamed to say I devoured it all.

30 minutes until the last day of the year! I will try and get in one more post tomorrow before the New Years (!!)

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  1. Shelby here (the parli alumna giving winking lessons)

    A. Your blog is awesome.
    B. Several of us actually also went to Sabrina's in Old City the next morning! If you'd gone there instead we all could have reunited :P.