September 24, 2010

Starting a new tradition :)

OK. I officially love Tap House. After reading the lackluster reviews on Yelp, I have to admit I was a little disappointed in the highly anticipated beer and burger joint. Fortunately, positive reviews from all my friends persuaded me to check out this fancy "casual dining" spot. After an evening of coffee enhanced Guinness' and rich Belgian drafts (can you tell I don't know my beers?) as well as the Mediterranean plate (which served Quinoa!), both my dad and I were hooked.

Alright, so my parents never go out to eat, much less to a place 45 minutes away from home. 1 week after my dad had a quaint heart to heart what do I get but a call from my parents asking me if I wanted to meet up with them at Tap House again.  What college student says no to a free dinner?   This time, our waiter also lit the fire-pit outside and it made for some amazing picture taking.

Chop Salad. I need to find out how they make that dressing. This salad had amazing greens, chick peas, pancetta, provolone and kalamata olives.
Burger with roasted red peppers and Gruyere Cheese. Tasty but not as good as it was hyped up to be
Probably my proudest shot to date :p

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  1. haha it is 10:30 am and i want that burger, this seems unhealthy. i love the last shot!