September 1, 2010

More (Asian) Philly Eats

Sorry for the sporadic posting but as soon as I find time to post something, I realize there's actually more than one thing to post!  Here are some more yummy eats from chi-town and downtown.

Went to Aki (1210 Walnut Street) for sushi after passing by the place multiple times. Had to say, the place did not disappoint! Well-made specialty rolls with fresh ingredients. Couldn't find the specialty rolls on the online menu so you'll have to go for yourself to find out what's in these :)
Samurai Roll. Also finally tried uni (sea urchin) sushi (pictured behind the roll). I was skeptical since its a big hit or miss, the texture is very slimy and there's a very fishy taste to it but I loved it. I really enjoyed the bold flavor and the nice creamy undertone.
Volcano Roll (wrapped in soy paper as opposed to Nori (seaweed))

Quick (and cheap!) eats from Nan Zhou Noodle House (927 Race Street). You know this place is legit when it's the number one rated place on Yelp in Chinatown.

Hand-drawn noodles. You can see the man making them in the kitchen from the dining area. Legit.
They also make shaved noodles which I actually like better because its chewier and more closely resembles Udon.
They also have non-soup options. This one is pork and soy sauce. Yum yum.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment. I'll have to check out Nan Zhou next time I'm in Philly. I looove hand pulled noodles!

  2. I can't stop coming to your blog now lol. I love all the pictures XD
    That samurai roll looks so yum.
    And I find that soy paper doesn't deliver as much flavor as nori haha

  3. haha nan zhou, that was sooo delicious!

  4. tchyeaaa chinatown!
    oh, and digging the flannel.