September 25, 2010

Street Fare from NYC's Street Fair

What are the chances that NYC's weekly street fair is nowhere else but smack dab in front of Columbia's campus the weekend I am there. Lots of fun food from crepes to pickles to organic apples. oh yea and meat. Lots of meat.

Falafel making at record speed!
Mini pies. So cute.
Zeppoles. I asked the vendor what a Zeppole was...she stared at me like I was crazy and simply said "fried dough".
Man that looked good.
Love the color of the fruit.
Don't even need a caption for this thanks to that shirt.
Coolest stand ever. So colorful and it smelled amazing. There were a million (ok not literally) spices and teas.
Does that not sound amazing??
White Tea and Spicy Chocolate. Man oh Man.
Smoked turkey legs. More meat! haha.
You can even just buy one pickle. ha.
man so much food.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha fried dough. that's so funny!!
    looks like your trip was deliiciouus