March 30, 2013

China Part I: Homecooking

Meal spreads paired with "bai jiu"

Usually when we go to China, its filled with lots of eating out where I wind up stuffing myself silly. This time around however, most of the eating was done at home (where I still wound up stuffing myself silly). My na-na whom I guess would technically be my great aunt in law (or something like that) cooked us the most scrumptious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. I only managed to capture 1/4 of all the food she made us since the rest of the time I was too excited to eat. Added to that are my aunt and grandma and grandpa who are also amazing cooks (most be a family trait). Life back in the states these days has appeared quite sad compared to all of the great food I got to eat for the past 2 weeks :(

Welcome Lunch

Fried fish, thousand year old eggs, fish meatballs, pressure cooked chicken, pork belly, spring veggies, potato salad

Nana's Cooking

Homemade Baozi, cured meats, short ribs, spring veggies, boiled chicken, fried fish, veggie salad

Making Cai He

A family favorite: extra large dumplings filled with chives, dried shrimp and egg, & cooked to perfection

Dinner at Grandma's

Fried rolls with meat, cauliflower, bean sprouts, cold sliced beef, shitake mushrooms, some sort of crunchy vegetable

Dun Niu Rou

Soo excited I learned how to make this. My aunt's specialty of braised beef, I polished off the whole bowl (above) by myself.

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