February 12, 2012

Ahoj from Prague!

Beer (in very large pitchers - the standard size), goulash (meat + gravy + thick bread), more goulash, duck (and other forms of poultry), pretzels (and other forms of carbs). Despite the bad lighting, blurry images and poor picture quality, this collage pretty much sums up the Czech eating experience. 

An entire week in Prague already and not a single post. Well, here it is! Although, in my defense, it really is not entirely my fault as it was only yesterday that we managed to obtain (working) wi-fi and settled down into our gorgeous flat. After toughing it out in a hostel for a few days, the 7 of us found a lovely apartment located just 4 minutes from the heart of Prague and Old Town. Despite the sub-zero degree weather, I finally sucked it up and took my camera with me today to snap some photos of the nearby river and our dinner.

Pizza - Bacio di Petra with tomato, arugla, and pine nuts
Hot Goat Cheese Salad + apples, raisins & walnuts

While I do give Prague credit for its old-city charm and absolutely stunning architecture, Prague is also one of the most eclectic cities I have ever encountered - comprised of an odd blend of old-world stylisms with touristy compromises and lots of random western influences thrown in between. 

After getting lost and stumbling in the wrong direction for a good few blocks, we finally came upon Radost FX . Vegetarian/Vegan/All Natural Foodie joint by day, smokey lounge and club by night. The menu which appeared suspiciously toursity at first turned out to be a delicious selection of well made dishes and literally  the first meal we've had since arriving in Prague that contained real vegetables (yippee!) After many meals of goulash, kobasa and fried cheese, this was quite a welcome.

Red Curry + sweet potato, eggplant, carrots

Spinach Burger + Chipotle Mayo, Cole Slaw Czech Style
Green Curry + coriander, lime, jasmine rice
Cafe Latte
Offering an extensive drinks and dessert menu as well, we plan to venture to this corner of Prague quite often - and in particular, perhaps one Saturday night for its "Soul Train" performances and music. 

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