February 13, 2012

Lunch @ Ferdinand

Ferdinand beer on tap, in a bottle & a very czech lunch menu
My lovely roommate found this little gem just down the street from Cerge which is the building where we have most of our classes. You know its a legit place when the entire menu is in Czech and everyone around is speaking Czech. Best of all, we got to try another locally brewed beer and I added one more coaster to my collection :) 

Chicken & tomato/cucumber salad

Lunch was the usual mixture of meat and starch offerings including beef, sausage, chicken, ham, potatoes and bread. However, all of the dishes were supremely well made and the utilitatarian tables gave the sunlight dining room a rather cozy feeling.

Goulash w/ bread + kilbasa w/ sourkraut
Potato pancake w/ ham and cheese + steak w/ rice
I'm glad I managed to snap some pictures of "legit" Czech food unlike the terrible pictures I took previously with my phone :p

Next post coming up will be on some of the cafes we visited these past few days!

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