February 16, 2012

Czech Class

Found myself back at Ferdinand for the second time this week because of Czech class. Who would have thought language class could contribute so much to this blog? We had just recently learned how to order food and read menus in Czech so what better way to practice than the real deal? Our teacher took us to Ferdinand and had us order from the daily menu, beverage and main dish and all. Turned out to be an extremely helpful lesson as I can finally begin to decipher these complicated Czech menus!

On left: Beef in tomato sauce and dumplings (never realized those spongey pieces of bread were called dumplings...huh) Apparently this is a very Czech dish according to my teacher haha.
Oh right: Mushroom and potato soup 
On left: dark beer ("pivo")
On right: pancakes (which seriously resemble crepes, wish I had snagged a bite of that!) with cream

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