January 25, 2012

(Fruity) Colors of Thailand

So we did street food. kind of. Does juice in a bottle count? Well we also did have tofu out of a bag. Papaya out of a bag. Banana out of a bag. Lots of food out of plastic bags. OH right and (Thai) iced tea. Although, is it still called Thai ice tea in Thailand? Do Thais even drink Thai iced tea? But they do drink coconut water. Lots of it. Considering all of the coconut meat that gets used to make all of the coconut cream for all of the green curries, paid thai and tom yum soup that us tourists consume :)
Dragon fruit juice. Who knew dragon fruit was a fruit much less juice producing fruit? All freshly hand squeezed! 

FRESH pomegranate juice. None of that Welch's grapey pomegranate stuff. This is the REAL DEAL. Each little seed pressed to produce a tiny bit of juice. CRAZY.
COCONUTS! with a straw :) and so much better than that weird  bottle stuff people have been touting around. 
Grilled Plantains, tofu in a bag with a stick and salty caramelized bananas.  <3 
More to come later! 

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