January 17, 2012

In no particular order...

Let the travel posts begin :) Three weeks of travel later, back in Philadelphia (in quite miserable rain) and lounging around until it is time to jet off to Prague. So far, the most captivating event of my morning is watching E! news, and uploading 200+ pictures to Facebook. Oh right and editting a bazillion pictures of food. Enough ranting about the freezing weather on the East coast and onto the actual food. 

Tom Yum soup with Udon noodles
Who knew sweet and sour in a soup could actually taste good? I've never ever enjoyed the sweet and sour combination found in Chinese take-out and various other Asian cuisines.  It just never seemed quite right - too much sour or too much sweet and nothing in between that was a resemblance of savory. Ah, but tom yum soup has proved me wrong. The secret? Lemongrass and Kaffir leaves which I managed to learn in my Thai cooking class (more on this one later!). Either way, this soup is not just sweet and sour but a wonderful   homogeneous blend of the two with wonderful ambrosial hints in every slurp. 

An eclectic twist of fried flat noodles, spicy chicken and basil leaves.

We grabbed lunch in downtown Bangkok at an adorable coffee shop-like restaurant called Coffee Beans located in one of the behemoths malls of the city. The menu featured an interesting blend of Asian fusion dishes and American inspired cakes. The most interesting dish was definitely the deep fried rice noodles resembling a cross between french fries and fried bread. Talk about hearty.

Duck in green curry served with fried roti. 

Besides Tom Yumsoup, we had our fair share of green curry served with various herbs and other nonedibles plus perfectly cooked protein. Our favorite? Definitely the duck.

Vegetarian Pad Thai. My suspicions were confirmed when we finally learned how to cook Pad Thai at our Thai cooking class - this dish is not worth cooking at home so order away kids! 

And onto the desserts which is apparently what the shop is known for :)

Green Tea Crepe cake served with hot chocolate sauce - layers upon layers of chocolate crepe with green tea mousse in between. 
I have a slight obsession with green tea as was evidenced by the green tea bubble I consumed after this meal and then the green tea soft serve I promptly ordered before the bubble tea was even fully done...

Coffee Meringue Cake with candied walnuts and chunks of meringue in between :)
Ah so many more posts to come. Watch out for Kowloon street food, cooking class in Bangkok, fast food eats in Manila and fine dining in Hong Kong!

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