April 23, 2011

Somethings were meant to be photographed.

After my last post, I realized that pictures from my phone still don't cut it, especially when I want to blow them up as large as I do for this blog. That's also when I realized that I had another unfinished post where the pictures were absolutely stunning....not because I took particularly good pictures but because Thai food takes REALLY good pictures. If there was one cuisine that  would win the award for being most photogenic, it has to be Thai food. I guess it is because the cooking encompasses so many vibrant looking ingredients and spices.

Wharton hosted a free lunch with a professor at Pattaya (man so many free meals lately...not that I'm complaining :p) and naturally, I brought my camera. The food itself wasn't particularly spectacular but the dishes sure looked really good. Maybe Thai food also gets the award for being the most sly cuisine as well :)

Spicy Basil with Tofu.

Pad Thai with Chicken.

Yellow Curry with Chicken.

Vegetable Coconut Soup.

Vegetable Lemon Grass Soup.
It might also just be that my dish (yellow curry chicken) was just naturally unassuming and that the place is actually decent. Regardless, I am looking forward to the chance to get to try some really good Thai food in the future.

2 more days of classes left at Penn! Man I get believe this semester is almost over already! I still remember blogging about the end of last semester. CRAZY.

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