April 4, 2011

Playing around on Picasa

and thought I'd share my discoveries :) With the 70 degree weather today, I've become a lot more motivated to go take more pictures.

I) Pictures of some dried roses after a big snowfall during Christmas Break.

II) Playing around with the focus adjustment. 

III) Super low saturation.

IV) High Saturation

I think I still like saturated/high contrast pictures more than the other way around.

Anyways, since I did promise to always post about food, here are some FANTASTIC looking cupcakes from Philly Cupcake. We catered the cupcakes for a speaker event the Women in Leadership Series was hosting. The people there are delightful and the cupcakes are amazinggg. Hopefully, I'll get some better shots tomorrow when they cater our last speaker. 

Chocolate Oreo in the Back. Red Velvet in the front. 

Chocolate on Chocolate with GLITTER icing.

Who can say no to blue and pink sprinkles??

Here's to a happy Tuesday :)

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