April 3, 2011

New Header!

I finally journeyed to South Street yesterday after being at Penn for almost two years. I don't kndow why it took me so long to visit considering the abundance of eating and blogging opportunities. Needless to say, I'll be going back a lot more before the semester ends (and probably even after since I won't be going to New York until June). Anyways, after strolling (and shopping) for a good 12 blocks, my pledge sisters and I decided it was time for a foodie break and we ventured into Phileo Yogurt. Now the place looks exactly like Kiwi with the bright colors decor, toppings bar and even the labels of the different froyo flavors.  After having Forty Carrots in NY, Yogorino by Rittenhouse and even Pink Berry in Stanford, Kiwi does not compare so I was not super excited about Phileo. BUT THEN, I saw that they had  Tea and Taro frozen yogurt! That made me prettyyy happy even if it was to just take a shot of the wonderful pale green and lavender hues. I went with the green and purple theme and sprinkled some blackberries and kiwis on top. I have to say I am a fan of the bright green-ness of the kiwi.

Anyways, a new header is finally up. I'm not sure how I feel about it since it is a little busy but I guess it will do for now until I can find a way to simplify the shots.

After the strolling on South Street, I met up with my roomie for a quick cappuccino at Capogiro. I swear I go to that place like its my job now but the cappuccino sure is delicious and who can say no to $2 for 6 day old bagels?

Hope everyone had a relaxing and happy weekend. Will post some of the shots from South Street when I am not falling asleep by the computer :p

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