April 4, 2011

This is a sign...

Duck bowl! I am a hugeee fan of the rice bowls at Sangkess. The portions are large but just large enough that I can still finish everything if I really wanted to :)

that I need to mix things up. I've realihzed that the only three places I go to eat now are Capogiros, Sangkees and Taphouse. Yes it is (mostly) the only places worth going to on Campus in a pinch but for someone who is always espousing the boringness of the same old same old, I really need to get a little more adventurous...until then: here are some snapshots of lunch of Friday and Sunday at Sangkees.

Chicken with lemon grass. I also really like this dish. The chicken is actually flavored and cooked pretty perfectly.
I went with the lunch special of beef&eggplant, dumplings and rice. The dish was satisfying but a little too sweet for me and the e ginger dressing on the salad was definitely too sweet. 
Some sort of flat noodle dish with shrimp. After all the times I've had these rice like noodles, I still don't like them because they're always cooked in too much oil. Can someone find me a place that actually does them right??

On another note, the chilli oil at SK is absolutely AMAZING. I usually go through at least one of the these in one sitting...hehe.
Some quick shots of a spontaneous dim sum run on Sunday. Naturally the food was not as good as Chinatown but it did the trick. Yes we ordered too much. Yes we basically finished all of it. )Plus some Vietnamese Iced Coffee. FTW.)

Currently contemplating a BYO to go to this Friday on South Street. Guess we shall see how this planning works out.

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