May 6, 2011

Bring on the Colors

Sansom Roll from Vic's sushi. What's in it? More appropriate question to ask is what is not in it :p

Now that Philadelphia has finally begun embrace Spring weather (even if it is still freezing at night), all I can think about are colors and with that :tulips, violets and all those beautiful flowers that follow a flurry of April showers. Our old house used to have a huge flower garden, 2 cherry blossom trees and countless other random flowery plants all over the yard, and in the Spring time, the front of the house looked absolutely gorgeous.  Surprisingly, Penn actually has a lot of blossoming trees all over campus, maybe I'll get some snapshots before I head home next week.

Sushi at Vic's [study break with the roommate]

3 roll combo for  $10.95. Bam. 
Check out that salmon. Best fish in existence.
Speaking of which, I can't believe this semester is wrapping up already! 1/2 way through, I can still remember getting my hair done for Senior prom...Although to be honest, I am very ready to go home after an inordinately exhausting week of finals. One more final to get through and then it'll be Redbox movies, doing 6 weeks worth of laundry and starting my summer reading list :)  Even though it is May already and half of the year is almost over, my mid-year resolution is to embrace more simplicity. First step is to stop eating so many of those sweet potato fries that I have been raving about, second step is to add more colors to my dinner plate and the third step is to take more pictures! Get excited.

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  1. ahh i know! i use prom as a benchmark of time passage too lol. weird .......

    yummy sushi!!!! :D