May 25, 2011

A table for two please

Some places were meant for first dates: low lighting, hushed atmosphere, and of course, impeccable food and service that won't drain your wallet. I love first date restaurants regardless of who you are dining with because the food never disappoints.

Located by 6th and Bainridge, the creperie is one 1 block south of South Street which meant it was the perfect ending after a long day of meandering and wandering.  The food was definitely on the pricier side but it also offered some of the best crepes I've had outside of Montreal. 
[Savory Crepe] Shrimp with Chives and Seafood Sauce 

[Sweet Crepe] Pears, Chocolate & Creme Anglaise
Creeping a little on the guests but look at that adorable couple by the window :p
11th and Locust. This place wins my vote for a first date, second date, whatever date restaurant. The moment I entered the place, I was in love. The restuarant is an amalgamation of an upscale farmer's market, cafe, bakery, wine shop and eatery. Basically everything related to food that I love all mixed into one.  In my opinion, Garces has officially won in the Garces vs Starr challenge.  We stopped by after a very filling in Han Dynasty for their adorable macarons but I cannot wait to go back for an actual meal. 

Full deli counter of cured meats, cheese, honey, and an entire array of balsamic vinegars including truffle oil and black raspberry.  Garces somehow also managed to finagle his own wine store right in the restaurant where you can buy the wine and drink it with your dinner [or lunch]. Prices are absurdly reasonable with a typical Riesling selling for ~$12/bottle. Apparently, the other restaurants in the area threw a big fit about Garces' personal wine store but I guess the protests weren't very effective. lol. 
Pastry counter with wide selection of desserts although I mostly focused on the macarons. 
We sampled one of each of the macarons: passion fruit, peanut butter & jelly, coconut, dark chocolate, salted caramel, and pistachio. I think my favorite was surprisingly the peanut butter & jelly since they it was so cleverly made. Half of the filling was grape jelly and half was peanut butter ganache with 1 purple side and 1 tan side.  Oh yea and in case that wasn't enough, we threw in a apple strudel which featured little cream puffs on top and a walnut filling center. 

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