May 17, 2011

Adventure Time

A very gluttonous lunch at Han Dynasty followed by macarons and apple strudel at Garces Trading Company meant I needed to do some major walking to work off my oncoming food coma. I had been meaning to explore more of South Philly so I decided to meander from 40th street and eventually ended up by 6th and Bainridge where I stumbled upon a quaint cafe called The Bean Exchange. The music selection was a bit awkward and sporadically switched from low key indie to angry rap to something that sounded like Spanish. Then I saw the Webster dictionary and Scrabble sitting on the bookshelf and decided I kind of liked the place.

One of these days, I want to come and just play scrabble for a whole day and indulge the nerd inside of me.

When I was taking pictures of the cafe, the barista told me that the place was haunted and to watch out for apparitions appearing in my Well fortunately, no spooky ghosts popped around the corner or out of the bar.

Best part about this adventure is that I found a creperie right around the corner to go to for dinner. Man on man I love summer.

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