July 30, 2013

Greek Offerings

I remember in the 11th grade, my high school chemistry teacher went to Greece and recounted to me how amazing the food was. I instantly decided on the spot that I was going to Greece, for the pretty landscape but more so for the food. 5 years later, I got my wish, although I wasn't all that much wiser on Greek cuisine since the only exposure I've ever had to Greek food was Greek Lady aka lamb meat and french fries stuffed in a pita, and hummus (which isn't even exclusively Greek). Fortunately for me, my chemistry teacher was right and the food was amazing (the landscape was pretty great too) and I finally learned about the nuances and complexities of Greek cuisine.

Pork filet stuffed with smoked cheese from Metsovo, wild rise on veal gravy and fig syrup
Veal rib-eye with truffle honey garnished with hot salad from local black-eyed beans on veal gravy
Grilled octopus stuffed with rice, lamp mutton, ragu pasta, Greek yogurt with dried fruit.
Pork T-Bone Steak, Grilled Octopus.
Pork Souvlaki, Mezze, Spring Salad, more Greek Yogurt with dried fruit.
Baked feta cheese with honey, BBQ pork chops, Stewed beef with feta.
Amazingly delicious salads, a very innovative Greek salad with capers, Mushroom risotto.

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