July 1, 2013

Sunday Mezze at Kanella

A little late coming, but finally managed to go through all of the pictures and make a post on graduation dinner. The Wharton Ceremony was on Sunday which just happened to coincide with the day Kanella had its 10 course Sunday Mezze meal. Kanella describes itself as a Greek-Cypriot restaurant which I've never had before.  Everything tastes refreshing, surprisingly light and the portions were perfect so that we could actually make it thourgh the whole meal. 

First courses of salads, antipasti & pickled vegetables.
More salad, rice, and fish.
Halumi cheese, sausage, and beef.

Beans, puff pastry, more meat, and spinach pie.
Fig & Almond tart, and some sort of sweet cheese with orange cake.
Compared to what we ate in Greece, this was definitely representative of the country's cuisine. Unlike a lot of tasting menus, this was definitely more homey and felt more like a big family meal (which is what mezze is actually supposed to be so good job Kanella :).

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