July 1, 2013

Brunch & BBQ

Bottomless Brunch @ Dohyo

Had my first bottomless brunch 2 weekends ago. Man they sure are a marathon but quite a bit of fun. Dohyo is located in the eccentric Yotel Hotel in Midtown West. Our brunch was filled with the usual breakfast offerings including a live DJ, a server in rollerblades and spandex and lots of balloons.

Mimosas, sangria, eggs, seaweed salad, burger slides, muffins, springrolls, spicy tuna rolls, french toast, disco fries...the 6 of us managed to order everything on the menu, our server was slightly horrified and equally impressed.
Food wasn't all that memorable (but who goes to a bottomless alcoholic brunch for the food?), however, what I really did like was how generous they were with the food and booze. Our pitchers and glasses of sangria and mimosas were never remotely empty. Definitely a good place to for large groups and celebrations.

BBQ  @ Fatty Cue

Really yummy Asian fusion BBQ (always an interesting concept) in West Village. Quite pricey for the portions but yelp had a half off gift card and free shots when you checked in so we were fat and happy by the time we left.

Yes the Pickleback shots sound disgusting but guess what? it works! and it quite tasty. We were also drunk after the shot since we hadn't eaten yet all day...
Star of the meal was definitely the beef brisket which came with buns and garnishes to make your own brisket buns. The fatty pork riblets were tasty but a little overcooked and not enough meat on the bone. 

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