April 26, 2013

Brunch @ Honey's

Checked another restaurant off the list!

Now that the weather has stayed consistently nice, I have been majorly brunching it up - taking long walks or quick jogs downtown and walking back after a satisfying meal. The best part about going to these places on a weekday is that there is absolutely no line regardless of the time.  At Honey's, since J & I had just finished a 30 min. run, we decided to stay (relatively) healthy with our brunch selections. That didn't stop us from wolfing down the amazing biscuit though or the even more amazing (more like out of the world) homemade peach marmalade

Potato Latke came highly recommended via yelp but we weren't that fond of it. The scrambled eggs were tasty though with the onions which were crazily caramelized and gave the eggs a nice sweetness.
I usually don't go for the whole wheat options but these pancakes were GREAT, especially with the generous serving of fruit inside. 

The peach marmalade was full when we sat down...almost empty after we left. 

Highly recommend this brunch place and it is so adorable inside! I heard the cakes are great as well, if I go back again, I'll have to order a slice. 

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