April 23, 2013

Brinner: Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

Part of the "brinner" series (excited about the lemon ricotta pancakes I'm going to make tomorrow which was inspired by this dish at Cafe Lift). As for the eggs benedict, after sweating over a stove for 20 minutes to try and create hollandaise sauce, I think I'm going to just order this dish from now on...or maybe buy really good hollandaise sauce if such a thing exists.

1) Making Hollandaise Sauce: 

Simple ingredients but a lot of beating required to make the hollandaise sauce nice and thick, which proved quite difficult since all we had was a fork and no whisk. Recipe here from allrecipes. Maybe if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll try and make it again at home before I start work.

2) Preparing the Other Ingredients:

Preparing everything else was much simpler - especially since I was cooking with another person. I still haven't officially poached an egg on my own yet but I have seen 3 people do it for me now...

The hollandaise finally started looking presentable after another 10+ minutes of beating over the stove. 

3) Plating: 

Fortunately, the final product looks about right and it was quite delicious too. 

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