April 16, 2013

Brinner: Stuffed Challah French Toast

Aka Brunch for Dinner. Stuffed french toast inspired by Sabrina's with some apples because a certain someone loves apples. Fortunately, this took way less time to make than the lobster ravioli and there was still plenty left over.

1. Making the Filling:

First time cooking with mascarpone but I love it!Its much lighter than cream cheese and offered a nice contrast to the tartness of the cream cheese.

2) Stuffing the Bread: 

Egg mixture of milk, egg, vanilla, & cinnamon. Used a whole lot of eggs since the bread pieces were enormous.

3) Cooking the French Toast:

Have to be patient cooking these things since they're so big! Burnt the first batch when it was on medium high so turned the heat down much lower for the second batch. 

4) Plate with Lots of Goodies: 

Maple syrup wasn't really needed since the dish with the apples is pretty sweet already but the mascarpone on top definitely added to the dish. 

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