February 17, 2013

Meals at Coquinarius

The text above says it all.
One food group that I have not been giving Florence enough credit for are its desserts. Apple cakes and cheesecakes galore. I'm generally not a big cheesecake fan, but Italian cheesecakes are on a whole other level. I'm not sure what cheese they use (probably ricotta?), but its definitely not Philadelphia Cream Cheese (no offense Philly). The unassuming cheesecake above was hands down, the best cheesecake I've ever had and totally worth the 5 euros we paid for it.

Coquinarious is another well-known Florence establishment. Less homey and rustic than some of the other popular spots for the locales, Coquinarious still served up traditional dishes in a beautiful open, high ceiling dining room. The portions were also quite generous. Having stepped in for lunch one day, we also decided to return for our final dinner.

The meat dishes (we finally branched away from pasta!) we ordered were hearty and filling, and as was to be expected a little on the heavy side. Kind of reminded me of all of the duck and red cabbage we ate in Prague. Now, what we really went crazy over was the green cauliflower they served up with the rabbit. It was amazing and I have no idea what it was exactly...going to need to do some digging on this one.

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