February 17, 2013

Lemon Drop

I've always wanted to take bartending classes; yet, never found the right time to do it. Now that I have quite a bit of free time on my hand, I decided it was time to start experimenting with cocktails. What with all of the speakeasys popping up in Philly, I had enough inspiration to push me in the right direction.

Bar Set, here
The Ultimate Bar Book, here
Cointreau liquor, description here

First step was to get a really legit bar set (which I happened to acquire for V's birthday) and an equally legit bar book (all courtesy of amazon).

Next step was to start stocking up the bar with some respectable liquor (who knew liqueurs would put such a dent in your wallet). Fortunately, we managed to follow (some rather straightforward) instructions and voila. Who needs a speakeasy when you can whip up cocktails right at home?

The (Straightforward) Instructions:

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