February 13, 2013

Firenze Revisited

The last time I was in Florence, I was not impressed. The city felt underwhelming and the food was fine, but nothing that made me want to instantly return.Fortunately for me and for Florence, my second time to the city was a very different culinary experience than the first.

Plate of Tuscan cured meats, lard, bread and bottle of Chianti Classico
With all of the amazing meat, cheese, bread, and wine that Florence has to offer, I don't understand how I didn't fall in love with the city last spring. While in Florence, (which I have to had was for 10 whole days), we got to go on a gastronomical food tour with one of the chefs V had during his sojourn into Italian cooking. During the tour, we got to sample the meat platter (shown above) and learned about all the nuances of Tuscan cured meats and cheeses.

A typical afternoon of house wine and reading at the corner wine bar.
Tuscan Salami, Tuscan Prosciutto and Soft Pecorino cheese

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