February 14, 2013

Federal Donuts

Federal Donuts has slowly found itself in the Penn lexicon of must eats of downtown Philly. Fortunately for us, the recent opening of the Sansom street location has made it a whole lot easier to savor the goodness of fried chicken and fried dough. Even more fortunate is that you also don't have to journey down at 8am (as I was previously told) to get your hands on some fried delicacies. But if you do want the best selection, you probably have to go earlier than noon which was when we finally managed to arrive.

They were out of the "fancy donuts" (think Maple Bacon, French Toast, and Cherry Almond flavors) by the time we got there, so we opted to for the "hot fresh donuts". Probably didn't need to get one of each flavor as we also ordered a massive amount of fried chicken but hey, it is Valentine's Day...

The fried chicken selection comes with the choice of dry seasonings or glazed and breast, wings, drumsticks or any sort of combination. We opted for the fried chicken wings. The chili garlic glaze was not very spicy (in my opinion) but still very delicious in an Asian-fusiony kind of way. The Shabazzi seasoning had middle eastern accents and was fried to perfection. Juicy chicken on the inside and just the right amount of seasoning on the outside. Oh yea, you also got a honey donut with every order of fried chicken...

We capped off the adventure with some serious jenga playing and bubble tea at TeaDo in Chinatown.

+ Milk Bubble Tea
+ Hot Japanese Green Milk Tea

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