March 30, 2011


SO I finally caved in and bought an android phone. For the past 8 years I've used nothing but a normal phone and the only upgrade I've ever experienced was from a T9 to a keypad (it was a pretty exciting moment). Anyways, I still have no idea how to use half (ok more like 90%) of my phone nor do I know what apps I should even download. BUT I do know that 5.1 megapixels means my little galaxy can take some pretty darn good pictures. That means that even in the times I don't have my DSLR with me, I can still get some snapshots of delectable eats. Now isn't that exciting?

Brunch at Taphouse with the roomie. Finally tried the famed french toast and yes it was epic-ly delicious.You what else is epic-ly delicios? A breakfast burger with sweet potato fries. YUM.

Ok so the pictures aren't as good as the DSLR but not too shabby when you're in a pinch and when it's coming from a phone. Get pumped for more of these quick snapshots :)

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