March 26, 2011

Asian Inspiration

Finally a foodie update. I have to admit, I have gotten very lazy about updating my blog lately but with all my midterms finally finished, there should be no more excuses!

One of the first posts I made back in the summer was about how I really really disliked Pod because I thought the food was overpriced and pretty sub-par. After last weekend, I've changed my mind (a little) and will admit to saying that some of the food at Pod is alright. Ok, fine some of the food is actually really really good, just not the ramen or the sushi. Since the best way to eat to eat out is being able to share, my roommate and I ordered an agglomeration of fried goodness and asian-ness. Check it out.

We started the meal right away with Shrimp Tempura. The shrimp was cooked perfectly but the tempura was not the best I've had. It needed a little more crispness and airiness but tempura is tempura.

So turns out, we ordered the wrong dish. By shrimp tempura we actually meant shrimp and vegetable tempura but the wonderful waiter brought us some vegetable tempura anyways :)

Ok, this dish alone makes the restaurant worthwhile. So worthwhile it got two pictures! These are the most delicious spring rolls I have ever eaten my life. Ever. Crab spring rolls with massive amounts of crab stuffed in and a creamy semi-cheesiness which reminded me of ravioli. yum.

Chicken Ramen with wontons. The ramen at Doma was definitely at lot better but I really liked the wontons they had in this dish. Wontons are suppose to have a really think shell so when they're made probably, I get very happy :)
A side of Bok Choy. Is there anyone who doesn't love baby bok choy? delish.
All in all I think Pod is worth going to for the seafood appetizers which, when you order enough can be a meal on its own :).

Noodles Again.
Ever since my friend started going on and on about ramen and soba and udon, I've been paying even more attention to noodles than usual. After my one day trip to home, we stopped by the asian food market on our way to Penn and I picked up a handful of goodies to make a nice big bowl of noodle soup.

Egg noddles, Chinese Spinach, Shitake Mushrooms, Inoke Mushrooms and Fish balls. 
This was the first time I ever cooked with inoke mushrooms so I think I over did it a little. I might just leave them raw next time.
Home made chilli oil! This was one of the first things my mom taught me how to make...might explain why I'm obsessed with spicy food haha. So to prevent me from majorly setting up the fire alarm, I had to go to the window which is on the other side of the room and pour the peppers into the hot oil. Kind of scary but it worked out!
Topped it off with pickled vegetables. Not as pretty as how the restaurants do it but I'll get there :)

Brunch at Tap House tomorrow! I have been dying to try the famed french toast. 

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