March 27, 2011

Scenes from Mexico

I have to admit, I was not nearly as diligent with my picture-taking responsibilities (food and non-food related) but I did manage to snap some shots of this adorable restaurant located right next to our resort. Three courses, unlimited margaritas and a live mariachi band: this place definitely put Don Memos to shame.

These guys were definitely very legit.

Homemade tortillas, house fajita specialty and an array of appetizers. I normally despise tortillas because I find it to be too dough-y and flour-y. These fajitas were delicious and handmade by an adorable lady by the entrance.

Margaritas, decor and ambiance.

Another restaurant close to our resort after a day of shopping. I loved the colors displayed at the bar and especially the massive amount of pre-cut limes.
Ah well, thank goodness Philadelphia has its share of yummy Mexican food.

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  1. cute! sounds like you had a good time :] your pictures are so great!

    the last time i was in mexico, i was at an all-inclusive resort with unlimited food and alcohol

    but i was with my parents