May 1, 2013

Veggie Madness

Happy Hour @ VEDGE

YES! Finally made it to Vedge after reading the same Philly Mag article 5 times. And we just happened to be in the neighborhood during happy hour which made it that much more fun. Notice the quality of pictures have improved significantly now that my lens has been fixed and I have started using my DSLR again.

[Pomegranate Sangria] Totally remaking this asap.
[Blueberry Tea Thyme] Didn't realize the pun until now. An elevated gin + tonic which I always love.
[Crispy Cauliflower]: Green harissa, garbanzos. Yummy but Zahav is still much better.
[Smoked Mushroom Sandwich]: With bean sauerkraut puree (tasted like hummus).
[Korean Seitan Tacos]
: Super spicy and DELICIOUS, yup it tasted like meat.

Overall, a fun afternoon experience. Tiny portions but what do you expect for happy hours, not sure if I love vegan food enough to come back for dinner when there are other restaurants still left to try that actually serve meat.

 Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Eggplants

I always see these gorgeous vegetable shots on Smitten Kitchen so here's my attempt to recreate some.

I've never cooked with brussel sprouts before and didn't know what to do with them except roast them in the oven. There usually isn't a single vegetable I don't like but for some reason, I wasn't crazy about them. So naturally, I drenched them in some turkey meat, marinara sauce and egg and the outcome was delicious.

Wound up mixing the roasted veggies in some marinara sauce which made them taste a lot better :)

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