May 7, 2013

Pumpkin Tasting Menu

Celebrating the end of college, 2 years at Penn together and because we bought Moet for Valentine's Day that we never drank and needed an excuse to drink it now.
There are basically two things left I really want to try out in Philadelphia before I leave, the 5-course tasting menu at Pumpkin (only offered on Sundays) and the 5-course tasting menu at Matyson.  Sunday was Cinco de Mayo and for some strange reason I thought Pumpkin would be closed for the Mexican holiday, fortunately I was wrong haha.

1st Course: Cauliflower Soup with pickled cauliflower, golden raisins
2nd Course: Coddled Egg with asparagus, gribiche, homemade tartar sauce

I've heard mixed reviews about Pumpkin but I have heard mostly great things about the tasting menu which are only offered on Sundays. The restaurant definitely has a distinct style of cooking, which I appreciate even if I don't love all of the dishes that this style inspires.

2nd Course: Burgundy Snails with red wine, hazelnut, foam, garlic
3rd Course: Haloumi with smoked english peas, pickled ramps

Pumpkin prides itself on using local and seasonal produce whenever possible and the freshness/lightness of the ingredients comes across in all of the dishes. I loved how everything tasted refreshing, even the haloumi (cheese) dish and the entrees which were paired with still slightly raw green vegetables. 

4th Course: Duroc Pork Loin with spring ragout
4th Course: Arctic Char with provencal sauce, radish, artichoke

We loved the cauliflower appetizer for its creaminess and the crunchy cauliflowers inside. The snails appetizers were just a little too earthy for my liking, reminded me too much of dirt and rocks. The coddled eggs dish with the tartar sauce was good minus the minced pork-like stuff under the egg. Both entrees were delicious, they were filling but not heavy like the way many meat entress are. The lemon cake was just a tad try but the lemon curd was cooked perfectly. Naturally, I loved the pot de creme since it was made with peanut butter.

Course 5: Lemon Chiffon Cake with berry confit, lemon curd
Course 5: Peanut Butter Pot de Creme with bourbon raisins

Overall, a great meal and highly recommended for a special occasion! For those who like their dishes on the lighter side and made with a variety of different kinds of vegetables, this is a restaurant you should check out.

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