November 25, 2010

T-day Feast

Welcome to the most gluttonous post of the year (except maybe for Christmas), and most of you are probably too full to want to look at these pictures, but it'll be a good post to come back to during the days when we are all cramming for finals.

As per my request, my parents went and got a leg of lamb to prepare because honestly, not that many people like turkey. While I thought the lamb would replace our colossal turkey, turns out it was just a supplement...ok, well no complaints there as long as I get my lamb. All of the immediate family visited and the kitchen was basically in chaos from morning until chow time. You would think we would learn by now to plan things out better so we are not scrambling to get the turkey carved, the potatoes cooked, and all of the Asian vegetables sauteed all at the same time. But no, haven't learned yet. At least the food never produces any complaints :)

Fresh lox, capers and whipped cream cheese on black russian bread (made by the house bread maker aka my dad)
Tofu with pork and tomatoes. Cue the asian influences.
Spinach, nutritious and delicious.

Potstickers! Too busy making mashed potatoes so I missed out on these :/

Sweet potatoes! Made these with butter, cinnamon, molasses, maple syrup, dark brown sugar and golden raisins.

Carving the turkey...with a cleaver...haha.

Leg of Lamb, marinated with basil, thyme, and rosemary.
Pumpkin Cheesecake with ginger bread crust.
So much better than pumpkin pie (in my opinion at least).
Best thing about home? Making my own espresso and cappuccino.
Tried to make my own design in the foam....didn't really work.

Happy Eating!


  1. WAAAAAHHHHH!! The post i have been dying for all month!!!!

  2. !@^!%#$!%^!@$^! PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE!!! so sad, this was the first year we didn't have pumpkin pie at my house. I actually cried a little. :(