November 2, 2010

More Macarons

You know I either have way too much time on my hand or am in the worst productive capacity when I blog more than once in one day. Considering, there are two midterms looming around the corner...guess which one it is today? Although technically since it is 1am, I guess this can be considered a new day?

Too much cold weather, a tummy ache and an annoying cough means I am editing photos on photoshop when I should be finishing my finance homework and going to bed. Enjoy these photos all tinted with some form of pink/gradient variance. Macarons courtesy of who else but sugar philly. 

Flavors include chocolate ganache, milk & honey, tiramisu and caramel pumpkin. Of course my favorite is the tiramisu

gold flecks on the pumpkin caramel. pretty :)
So these macarons were actually a lot more difficult to stack than I anticipated. Had to scratch off the top part because it was too bumpy to stabilize/ which meant I couldn't take any straight down photos. boo.

Used an old white dress as the backdrop which than got all dirty from the cocoa powder haha. need to invest in a piece of white fabric.

Oh yea, I also realized I should start resizing my photos before uploading them since they are about 20 times bigger than they need to be, and this also means I won't be running out of picture space so quickly..although I did just purchase a million bajillion more bytes of space. sigh. guess that means I just need to be uploading more frequently for you guys :)

Lets hope its a sunny day today ;)

p.s. go get macarons!


  1. gorgeous! i want some pumpkin macarons.

    also you should host your pictures somewhere else! you can always use flickr. i upload all my photos to a separate server bc i hate what blogspot does to them.

  2. What!? Tiramisu!? Let me know when he's going to have those again!